Dark Fantasy World of the Arcane Court.

The Arcane Court was created in the early 1600’s to police paranormal individuals. It was a reaction to Cimmerian, a dragon, saving Wretch, a demon-dragon hybrid from his psychotic demon family.

At the start of the series, the court is made up of five dragons and two demons who established the laws. This will change as we go along.

Their main law is simple: No abuse of humans for fun and entertainment. Humans are not lab rats and we will not tolerate demons who use humans for games which result in death to the human. 

Cim and Wretch work for the Court in New Orleans. They hunt rogue demons and keep vigilant watch out for Wretch’s family. Cim protects the humans in his city from a danger they don’t know is lurking. He owns a paranormal club in the French Quarter across from the French Quarter Market. The manager/bartender is Grace, a jaguar shifter who Cim thinks of, and treats, as a daughter. Along with the local werewolf pack, they try to keep peace while enjoying as many vices as possible.

Light Fantasy World of the Summer Fae

Tessa learns she’s an elf, her ex-boyfriend might be evil, and her biological parents could be Otherworld royalty all while fighting a genocidal maniac and his psychopathic mother.

Book One:  My cabin sits near a portal to the Otherworld. The Dark Fae are sending ogres to kill any humans who survived the plague they unleashed a year ago.  First a baby dragon, then a goblin, show up looking for me. That’s when the fairy I’d known for a year decides to tell me I’m an elf and my high school boyfriend runs the Dark Fae.

I went from human with a bad breakup to a fairy tale creature that was still in love with a killer in three days. A trip through the Otherworld portal shows me my birthplace and dangles the promise of a happy ending I thought was gone. Confronted with true evil, I have to learn my ice magic while fighting for my life.

With rekindled love and a new family to protect, I’ll have to battle a psychotic elf with lightning power. One bolt and I’ll disintegrate. One of us won’t survive.
The second story, and wrapping up Contessa’s series, I Do, But First… cleans up the Otherworld, sees Contessa’s wedding, and leaves the place ready for the kids she’s planning on.

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